June 25, 2011

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, episode 7 "The Overthrow of Merklynn"


Cleverly continuing the thread from the last episode, Darkstorm is still bitter about the constant need to return to Merklynn's shrine so as to recharge the Power Staffs. Darkstorm decides to fish (with a literal hook and line) Falkama out of his deepest dungeons, where the lesser wizard has filled his time since "Quest of the Dragon's Eye" by making little theater shows using rats and spiders. Falkama tells Darkstorm that the only way to steal the magic from Merklynn is to capture the wizard's orb, and doing so will require a few special ingredients.

The Darkling Lords arrive at the Athernaeum, a ruined temple where a dragon protects a tiny book (a "pocket printing") of powerful spells known as the Omnipotricron. The dragon is old and famished, but still manages to scorch the butts of Mortdredd and Reekon before they can get their hands on the book and pass it to Darkstorm. The next item on their list is the Wizardsbane herb.

June 18, 2011

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, episode 6 "Lion Hunt"


"Leoric is too smart to fall for a trap set by me." - Darkstorm

The past few weeks, we've had some fun taking shots at Leoric's questionable decision making and his tendency to fall for just about every scheme the Darkling Lords throw his way, but after this week's episode, I'm genuinely starting to worry about the man.

Our story begins with the Darkling Lords attempting to recharge their power staffs in the lair of the wizard Merklyn. As usual, Merklyn demands that they first perform a task for him. The proud Lords refuse, vowing to find another way to get magical aid.

June 11, 2011

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, episode 5 - "Feryl Steps Out"


We open on a peasant village just as it falls victim to a pirate raid. But these aren't just any pirates, they're land-roving pirates, literally riding a massive ol' fashioned three-masted square rigger on rolling wheel. How badass is that. The pirates are all "Arrrr!" and skull & bones flags and plundering for booty and spoils, though they do lose a bit of their badassness when one pirate is beaten down by a gaggle of girls for stealing their goat.

It's not long, of course, before the Spectral Knights charge into action! Well, two of them at least. Say what you will about Leoric as a leader, but the dude has no problem dashing into a fight and giving a firm what for to ne'er-do-wells. His partner in the fray, Feryl, doesn't so much fight as he crashes the Capture Chariot into a well and huddles down as a bunch of pirates pummel the snot out of him. It's a pathetic sight, but that's okay, because this is the Very Special Feryl Episode, where he has to learn to believe in himself.

June 4, 2011

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, episode 4 "The Price of Freedom"


Robots! Slaves! Bad decisions by Leoric! All on this week's episode, "The Price of Freedom"!

Reekon and Mortdred, the Darkling Lords with the ability to power vehicles through magic, have sort of become the evil Odd Couple of Prysmos. Reekon, he of the perpetual scowl and the "What's in it for me?" attitude, and Mortdred, boot-licking sycophant and president of the I <3 Darkstorm fanclub, are often teamed due to their shared abilities. The results are often funny, as well as illuminating.

While on patrol, the duo come across a man who pleads with them to stop. Mortdred wants nothing to do with him, but Reekon is curious. He asks, "How may we be of service, my man?" This one little moment is a perfect illustration of the nuance that flavors this series so far. Maybe Reekon is more of a selfish mercenary than a purely evil henchman. Or, perhaps, where Mortdred sees an obstacle, Reekon sees an opportunity.