February 15, 2014

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion - Final Thoughts

(art by Damon Batt, colored by Brandy Dixon)


Trying to summarize my final thoughts on Sectaurs reminded me of when I was in school, and a kid who I never really talked to would hand me their yearbook and ask me to sign it. I would stand there wracking my brain, searching for something substantive to write while they looked on in anticipation. Ultimately, I would end up writing something generic like "Have a great Summer!" As I sit here now, with Dargon and Co. looking on, I'm fighting the urge to just write "Enjoy your banishment!" and head for the bus.

February 9, 2014

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion - The Toyline


While Sectaurs has many unique concepts of its own, it's pretty clear that Coleco were looking to cash in on the enormous success of Mattel's sci-fantasy phenomenon Masters of the Universe. So why did Dargon and his companions ultimately not have "The Power" with kids? Let's find out.

February 2, 2014

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, issue 8 "Battle and Betrayal"

Apologies for the delays and scheduling snafus of the last few weeks. Minnesota weather and all that.

Two armies converge on the location of the Hyve: Regent Galken and the forces of the Shining Realm, and Empress Devora and her armies of the Dark Domain. Angry words are exchanged, where it's revealed Galken was himself once a warrior before becoming an administrator, and his knowledge of the hell unleashed on the battlefield is what's made him so hesitant to fight. But today is the day worthy of battle, so the armies clash.