March 19, 2016

Sorry for the delay...

Hey everybody, Noel here. I wanted to apologize to everyone for how sporadic our posts have become with increasingly long delays, as well as explain a bit about what's going on. No, the blog isn't dead, and nor are we abandoning our watch-through of Starman.

For the last 20 years, my mother and I have been taking care of my disable sister at home, with me working full time as her care attendant. Sadly, things have gotten to a point where we need to sell the house. This week, we just completed the long and draining process of moving my sister into a group care home (oof, the separation anxiety), and now I'm sorting through stuff and packing in prep for my own pending move while also looking for a new job for the first time in nearly two decades. With this bottleneck of my free time, all my projects have slowed to a crawl, some to a complete halt, but once things settle, we can get everything rolling up again soon. This site especially is one I have much fondness for and I don't want to leave everyone hanging. I just have a lot of things I need to sort out of the way first.

Thanks everybody for your patience and for continuing to read along. And to Tony for sticking with me. We should have a new post going up in just the next week or two as Tony's already finished his portion. After that, there probably will be some more delays, but within the next month or two, I should finally have a firm enough footing on the next chapter of my life that I can maintain a schedule again.

February 7, 2016

Starman, episode 8 "Peregrine"

Hey, look! A bonus double post this weekend!

Again wandering woodland roads with no money for a hotel, Starman and Scott come across a group of people gathered around an injured falcon, all of whom are too worried about getting attacked to help it. Starman conjures up his animal soothing abilities and gently guides the bird onto his hand, and follows directions to a nearby veterinary clinic run by the harried Casey Flynn, who set the place up to care for local livestock, but is struggling to break even on just a handful of pets. As soon as Starman arrives, all the other animals freak at the sight of the wild falcon on his hand, but he uses a Jedi hand swipe to silence them, impressing Casey enough that she offers him a job helping out around the place. As for Scott, he gets the joyous task of being a babysitter to her toddler son, Joey, who finds no shortage of foodstuffs to hurl at the teen.

February 6, 2016

Starman, episode 7 "One for the Road"

At a high school in the fictional suburbs of San Leon, California, Starman is nervous about letting Scott go in alone to register as a student, but Scott reveals dancing around missing records and faking info is something he has some experience with.

January 24, 2016

Starman, episode 6 "Secrets"

Apologies for the extended break over the holidays. We're back!

In the Skid Row slums of Los Angeles, Starman and Scott are settling in for the night at a cheap motel, seemingly unaware that Fox is closing in outside, with a strike force (well, two other guys) arming themselves with tranq guns as they move in on both the door and window. Fox's men crash in, but just missed the heroes, who snuck away on the back of a laundry truck. Wandering after spending a rough night on the streets, the two catch a news flash about a woman who escaped from a nearby psychiatric hospital: Jenny Hayden.