August 26, 2012

Robotix, chapters 7-9

Chapter 7: Captured

The Terrakors leave the razed oasis, content that the Protectons and their humans died in the inferno. In actuality, they safely submerged themselves in the river, but the heat from the flames is causing even that to boil. They gather as much seaweed as they can as a likely food source, then burrow their way out to safety. When they realize they're unable to contact Argus, Bront takes on a vehicular configuration and races to investigate.

August 19, 2012

Robotix, chapters 4-6

Chapter 4: A Spy is Born

Nemesis catches Kanawk in midair. He figures these humans might be of some use after all. They head to the mountain vault where Nemesis burrows a scope into the ground and spies on the Protectons as, hoping to tip the odds further in the favor of good, they use whatever spare parts are left to assemble another Robotix. Compucore imbues it with the essence of Kontor, a famed architect and friend of Argus. While the new Protecton is still coming to his senses, the scope is observes and the others interface with human counterparts and race to the surface. They're ambushed by two of the Terrakors, whose humans augment them to new battle-ready configurations.

August 18, 2012

Robotix, chapters 1-3

We're sorry for taking a couple weekends off unannounced. Personal stuff came up that needed to be dealt with. But we're back, and thanking you all for your patience with a special double-post weekend, with this piece going up today and another installment appearing tomorrow. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Battle of the Titans

Two ships streak into the upper atmosphere of a dead planet, passing over a ruined, ancient city. One ship is massive and black, unleashing a barrage of laser fire on the smaller underdog vessel piloted by the dashing Exeter. With him on the bridge are Tauron, a bearded and wise mentor figure, Zarru, the token annoying kid, and Kanawk, the constantly sneering voice of dissent.