May 31, 2015

Cybersix, episode 4 "Yashimoto, Private Eye"

Julian walks his friend Ikiko, a young Japanese girl, home, delighting her with card tricks. Inside the apartment/office she shares with her older brother, Yashimoto, José is propositioning the man with a case. José is literally sobbing out a story about precious heirlooms stolen by a thief, Cybersix, and he wants the detective to track down her identity so she can be brought to justice. Something doesn't feel right to Yashimoto, so he turns down the case, even as José turns angry, first offering to pay any price, then turning it into a threat. As José storms out of the office with a Fixed Idea, he sees Ikiko and hatches a plan. They snatch the girl, and when they pass Julian who tries to stop them, they take him as well. Yashimoto has three days to deliver Cybersix to José, or he'll never see his little sister again.

May 17, 2015

Cybersix, episode 3 "Terra"

The shadowy, evil scientist finishes his latest creation: a lump of semi-sentient mud called Terra. At his instructions, José encodes his own essence into Terra, but when the boy is unimpressed at it being an innocent child, he uploads a few Fixed Ideas into it as well. After everyone falls asleep, Terra bursts out of its casing and is drawn to the curiosities of the city.

May 10, 2015

Cybersix, episode 2 "Data 7 & Julian"

In the twisted castle lab of the still unnamed mad scientist villain (we know his name is Von Reichter, but we're playing along until the show decides to reveal that card) he calls forth a panther named Data 7, showing him a picture of two children. As it zooms into one face, morphing it into that of Cybersix, the panther growls, remembering a flower falling apart as a child falls off a cliff. The scientist pets the panther, an ugly scar revealed above the cat's eye, and tells him to destroy Cybersix.

May 3, 2015

Cybersix, episode 1 "Mysterious Shadow"

NOTE: Based on the first few episodes, the lead character of the series appears to be genderfluid, presenting and identifying as male while a civilian, and as female while a vigilante. Out of respect for this, we're going to do our best to use "they/them" pronouns when discussing the character overall, only using "he" or "she" pronouns when specifically focusing on those individual sides of their life. The show itself hasn't really explained the situation in these first few episodes, but should it offer an alternative explanation or preference as we get further in, we'll adjust accordingly. And as both of us are cis-gendered males, if anyone out there with more experience than us in genderfluid identity or portrayals feels that we're doing this incorrectly, we absolutely welcome your comments below and look forward to any input you'd like to offer.

In the city night, monstrous, brutish figures with superhuman strength, Fixed Ideas, snatch up two men from the treasury office, an engraver and a printer. As the Fixed Ideas converge at the docks, they're being observed from the shadows by a figure we'll come to know as Cybersix, a woman in a sleek black suit, cape, and wide-brimmed fedora.