November 30, 2014

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, episode 10 "Wardogs"

Pilot and Power are in the dropship, Hawk scouting ahead, as they all search for the Wardogs, a troop of guerrilla fighters building a reputation for giving the Biodread empire hell. Sure enough, the Dogs are currently laying waste to a convoy of Dreads who fell into their ambush. Just as it seems the Dreads will gain an upper hand, Hawk spots the fight, swooping in and finishing the Dreads off. The Wardogs mistake his Power Armor for that of their cybernetic enemies and shoot him out of the sky, but he survives the blast and knocks them into a standoff as he explains they're all on the same side. Just as it seems like it'll sour further, the Wardogs' leader, Colonel Vi, shows up... and beams as she recognizes Hawk, an old buddy and fellow soldier from the Metal Wars.