July 26, 2015

Cybersix, episode 11 "The Greatest Show in Meridiana"

In his mansion lab, José is completing construction of a giant robot octopus which still has a few bugs to work out. He gets a call from his father, Von Reichter, who holds the boy to his promise that this time everything will go according to plan. As such, he sends the boy a pack of Fixed Idea dogs who lead him into the sewers to Data-7's hideaway where the panther is captured with the help of the robot octopus as well as a giant two-headed robot snake.

July 19, 2015

Cybersix, episode 10 "Full Moon Fascination"

A scared, bespectacled man runs down the street at night. Clutching claw marks on his shoulder, he collapses and transformers into a werewolf. He's bestial, out of control, but another werewolf on a rooftop, shaped like a woman and with long, flowing red hair, speaks of her excitement that she can make others like her.

Lucas is chasing papers in the wind when the bestial werewolf sets on him, raking claws across his shoulder. Cybersix swoops in, taking the creature down until it turns back into the scared man, who runs away. Cybersix is concerned about Lucas' shoulder but dashes off when he says he'll be okay.

July 12, 2015

Cybersix, episode 9 "The Eye"

A Techno arrives at the mansion with a gift for José: a floating eyeball with the power to hypnotize people into a stunned trance. The boy - quickly knocked out of his own trance - is tasked by Von Reichter with seeing what the creature is capable of before it's put into wide use. The boy takes it around town, first testing it on isolated people - including Lori and her gang - then decides to shoot bigger, taking the eye through City Hall, hypnotizing everyone within and claiming the mayor's office for his own. Police quickly surround the building, but they're stunned into trances as well. Additionally, every time the eye stuns someone, it absorbs some form of energy from them, leading the eye to start growing bigger and bigger. And when threatened, it can fire a powerful beam, which it uses now as it sends police cars up in balls of flame. José is shocked by this, but quickly delighted. Even when he gets a call from Von Reichter telling him he's gone too far and to return the eye, José decides to press on.

July 5, 2015

Cybersix, episode 8 "Gone with the Wings"

Cybersix and Data 7 are on a rooftop, pounding their way through Fixed Ideas when, to everyone's surprise, a flock of large, gargoyle-style creatures (later identified as goblins) swoop down from the sky, attacking Cybersix with blasts of targeted sonic shrieks. All she can do is evade until the rising sun is revealed, chasing the goblins off in fright. They swoop down into a subway terminal, terrifying pedestrians and bursting through a train before they disappear down the tunnels, all of which quickly hits the local news. Watching the report, both José and Von Reichter gloat.